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SamSaidYes simplifies sharing photos among all mobile phones that were used to capture those beautiful memories.

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Live slideshow at your party

snap, project, laugh!

Unlimited number of photos/videos

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4x higher resolution than Whatsapp

for the album, for the poster, for Grandma!

Personalized App

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Available in 6 languages

regional, national, global!

Pimp life, not the photos

With SamSaidYes, everyone can dare to be themselves with real, spontaneous photos snapped in real time – not staged, artificial portraits pimped for social media! And don’t forget: SamSaidYes captures and shares photos with maximum privacy in your closed community.

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Say yes to the big party. Say yes to all those moments that you will remember. And say yes to a photo app, an app with which you wouldn’t miss a thing - whether you were there or not.

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100% Privacy

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Easy to use

(no guest has to sign up)

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