Moments you remember

You can finally see all the photos your wedding guests snap. Live!

SamSaidYes simplifies the sharing of photos among all the mobile phones that were used to capture those beautiful memories.

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Pimp life, not the photos

With SamSaidYes, everyone can dare to be themselves. Not pimped for social media. Not staged. Not artificial. Real, spontaneous, as snapped in real life. SamSaidYes ensures maximum privacy in your closed community.

Say yes to the wedding

Say yes to the big party. Say yes to all those moments that you will remember. And say yes to a photo app, an app with which you wouldn’t miss a thing - whether you were there or not.

More real snapshots

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100% Privacy

(only invited guests can log in)

No marketing data to third parties

(because we care about your privacy)

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