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Wedding app instead of disposable cameras

Say yes to your darling and to great wedding photos. But how can you get the best photos? Do you still need to buy expensive disposable cameras nowadays? Or are the best photos snapped with smart phones?

Are you looking forward to the most beautiful day of your life and do not want to miss a moment? Then you can go now and get a bunch of disposable cameras for your guests: After all, these cameras have been a must for every wedding in decades. They are considered a guarantee for fun snapshots and allows the bridal couple to at least be in the minds of guests at all tables.

It is a pity that the quality of the photos taken with a disposable camera quite often left much to be desired: many pictures are too dark, blurred or there is a finger on the lens. That is not surprising: after all, nowadays, no one takes pictures with analogue cameras any longer! With the mobile phone it’s much easier...

Moreover, disposable cameras are not exactly cheap fun. Firstly, a disposable camera doesn’t come cheap, on the other hand, all images have to be developed - even those that have to be sorted out because of the poor quality. If you want to channel this money to your honeymoon, allow your guests to simply take pictures with their mobile phones. They have it in their clutch bag or trouser pocket anyway and they usually have a much better mastery of the technique.

With SamSaidYes, you can collect wedding photos by simply using an app

With SamSaidYes you will get as many wedding photos as never before - in great quality, unaltered and authentic. And at the same time so economical: You pay a one-time 99 USD with no additional costs. With the App, your guests can upload as many photos as they can and they are made available to you in full resolution. Unlike Whatsapp or Facebook, the photos are not compressed and can therefore easily be used for the wedding album or a photo book. Your guests will also benefit from SamSaidYes: as all the photos will be made available to them and they can always revisit your wedding ceremony at any time. All these advantages do not require any extra organization effort on your part and you won’t have to forgo your privacy: Access to your wedding pictures is given exclusively to invited guests.

How it works

Before going to the altar and the party, the bride and groom create an account on Here you have the possibility to design an individual flyer with a QR code and simple instructions. You make it available at your wedding. All your guests have to do is simply download the app, scan the QR code and start taking pictures, without the hassle of complicated logging in or signing up.

When the wedding cake is eaten and the bridal waltz danced, stopping to take pictures threatens the flow of things, you can download all the mobile phone pictures of your guests with just one click and dive again into the special ambience of your big day.

You will be surprised how friends and family celebrated your wedding - tears of emotion or serenity are not excluded.

With this photo app, you can confidently place disposable cameras for wedding celebrations under the category of "nostalgic but redundant". Create your free account now at and make the great and small moments of the most beautiful day in your life unforgettable